Ancient Secrets of Success

Ancient Secrets of Success for Today's World

Ancient Secrets of Success for Today’s World

  • Demolishes the myth that success requires back-breaking work and wearisome effort
  • Answers why can’t we hold a vision and manifest the vision
  • Shows four steps to visioning and manifesting the vision
  • Reveals the art of meditation to silence the internal chatter of the mind

Through science, myths, and stories you will be guided to enter into the spirit of life and live like you have never lived before. Life will no longer be an endurance test but will become an enchantment.

A whole new world awaits you when you practice these four Ageless Secrets. They have sustained the ravages of scrutiny through the ages, since the beginning of civilization and are Universal. They transcend all cultural and social borders. Easy to practice. Imperishable. It Works.

The Author guides you step-by-step in applying these principles so that you can build relationships and health, happiness and well being, peace and abundance.

Tulshi Sen gives the keys to these Ancient Secrets of Success as he has received them from the Master who initiated him into the mysticism of the East and West.

Tulshi Sen is a transformer of lives and an inspiring teacher in the field of leadership based on spiritual principles. He lectures internationally. His work involves both the corporate world and individual lives. His breakthrough scientific principles are the blending of the Eastern and Western cultures.

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Ancient Secrets of Success for Today’s World